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Signage Design & Fabrication

We specialise in fabricated letters with the side or back half of the letters illuminated. This style of lettering is typically expensive and upmarket for the superior brands of the world. At Simply Creative, we absolutely LOVE this type of signage as it combines minimalist and luxury in one. As we help our clients in designing such signage solution, the manufacturing and installation costs associate with this signage style made it unaffordable to most of our small/medium businesses clients.

Our team at Simply Creative wants to change this. Our designers strive to make this luxurious signage style more affordable to all business in Australia. By observing and staying on top of the latest market trend, listening to our customer response and continued construction feedback and industry demand, we developed a unique stainless steel signage fabrication and installation solution to keep manufacturing costs down and minimising the need for an electrician and/or carpenter, so you can plug the signage to the nearest power point. 

Our process:

  1. Design signage according to your specification and requirements

  2. Once the design has been been approved, the fabrication job order is sent to our oversea manufacturing partner

  3. Signage will be shipped to our Brisbane workshop for quality control check first

  4. Once the signage passed our quality control check, we will send it off to you, ready to be installed!

  5. All of our signs arrive to you as plug and play ready. You can easily install the panels onto your desirable surface or engage an electrician if you need the ceiling wires to be extended or want to connect the signage to your main switchboard.

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